Additivology is a digital network that’s designed to connect education, training, and workforce development opportunities in the Additive Manufacturing industry. 

Founded in 2019 , Additivology was created  to expand access to and knowledge about the Additive Manufacturing industry.  The Additivology portal is a one-stop solution for students across the globe to research and connect with educational institutions that provide Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing (AM3DP) programs.

Additivology allows students to review program offerings, requirements and pricing information before making application or requesting additional information. For educational institutions, it provides the ability to showcase degree programs, course offerings and facilities to prospective students.

At Additivology we work with schools, as well as students and industry professionals to create connections and opportunities that benefit the industry as a whole.  We invite you to join today and become a part of the Additive Manufacturing revolution.